[Gllug] ADSL upload speeds

Wiehe, Simon simon.wiehe at csfb.com
Mon Jun 27 08:32:20 UTC 2005

> Incidentally, suggestions of anybody else who can provide preferably LLU
> DSL in London NW6 accepted gratefully. If nobody else can do it I guess
> I'll have to go back to a BT ipstream service - anybody recommend a
> reasonably clueful ISP who don't take the piss and can do a 2MB+ circuit
> for Bulldog money?

I used Bulldog for just over a year. I didn't experience most of the problems
people complain about, although I had the occasional disconnect. My biggest
problem was lag on network gaming which I tracked down to an inordinate number
of DOS attacks from other machines in the Bulldog ip range.

I wanted to move from 512K to 2Mb and called Bulldog, eventually I go through
to someone who told me that I could go to 8Mb if I moved my voice as well, I
could not upgrade to 2Mb and keep my current phone service. So I switched to 
Nildram a few weeks back and what a difference. I get a customer service rep
within a few minutes (and it tells me how many people are in the queue in front
of me) not the usual 40+ for Bulldog. When I asked about a disconnection last
week they could tell me that I had 3 over the weekend, 2 user initiated (I
rebooted my router) and 1 by the exchange. It didn't reconnect but they could
tell me it was because the exchange outage exceeded the retry range of my router.

I am paying £3 a month more than I was with Bulldog and I get a 2Mb line. The only
downside is I have a 50GB limit on downloads between 8am and midnight.

Bulldog are so incompetent that I didn't actually give them any money for 8 months
and they never once contacted me about it. My credit card details were compromised
and I was issued with a new card. I phoned to inform them and their system was
unavailable so I decided to wait until they called me. They never did, I only paid
up because I was leaving their service and they noticed :-)

Nildram wins it for me.

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