[Gllug] spamassassin v bogofilter

Michael Moritz mimo at gn.apc.org
Wed Jun 1 20:52:05 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 01 June 2005 18:10, Rich Walker wrote:
> Tethys <tet at createservices.com> writes:
> I assume everyone here has had the experience of trying to explain why
> emails are (a) delayed and (b) not arriving at all when greylisting is
> implemented? Delayed is bad enough - but the fact that many people have
> an ISP whose mail servers fail on meeting a greylisting mail server is
> enough to make greylisting un-usable in any real situation...
> cheers, Rich [who had high hopes for greylisting once...]

I think you should look at greylisting again. One, it's reasonable easy to 
compile lists of ISPs that dont comply with the RFC. Two, reasonable 
greylisting systems allow to collect data before being activated. Three, it 
grows on you the longer you have it. Sure, the first couple of months support 
gives you a hard time. But then, suddenly, it calms down and you only think 
of it when it crashes and spam complaints start again... Four, economics. It 
reduces your mail load massively. Finally, I think the implementations have 
improved (like the one I wrote .. ;)

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