[Gllug] [OT] mp3 transmission system

Steve Nelson sanelson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 10 08:25:49 UTC 2006

On 4/10/06, Simon Morris <simon.morris at cmtww.com> wrote:

> Could you buy a car radio with a 3.5mm line in socket? Mine has one of
> these (I actually had the radio in the car long before I had a MP3
> player) and I hook my MP3 player up to it via a cable. Works fine.

That has the advantage of not breaking the law, as I suspect that the
fm transmitters actually qualify as pirate radio stations, despite the
low power.

Where does one buy such radios?  Halfords?  I've got a ford escort
with a ford-fitted radio which looks massive - if radios were measured
in U units, it must be 3-4 U, where a normal one might be 1. 
Consequently for practical and aesthetic reasons, I am a little wary
of trying to replace it.

> ~sm

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