[Gllug] Request for Help with Community Project - Installing and Supporting Edubuntu (Linux) in Youth Centre

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Tue Apr 25 15:16:47 UTC 2006

Alex McMahon wrote:
> Hello, 
> Please forgive me if it is poor etiquette to use this mailing list for requests for help, but it was suggested that someone on the list might be able to help with a community based project I am working on.
> I am working as part of a group who are setting up an 'internet room' in Putney Vale Youth Centre (London). We have 5 computers which we will be installing Edubuntu onto. However we are concerned that without a small amount of ongoing support the computers will gradually become outdated, degrade or stop working. We have a minimal level of funding, which we are considering using to pay for some basic telephone support, however after ringing around it seems the funds are too minimal to be able to afford any real level of support.
> I am therefore requesting whether anyone here would be able to help the project in anyway. I do not foresee the required support being particularly high or regular, perhaps just responding to an occasional telephone call or maybe once a month popping round to update the machines with the latest versions of the software and fixing any problems that have arisen.  If you can help yourself, or have any suggestions as to places I could look I would be happy to hear from you. I have included further details of the project below.

depending on how able the people are locally, #gllug on irc.freenode.net
usually has some good advice and help to offer.....

also being linux, i suspect most of the support issues can be carried
out remotely, as long as the machine can be started up.

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