[Gllug] [ANNOUNCE] GLLUG Meeting - Tuesday 18th April.

Simon Morris mozrat at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 19:47:09 UTC 2006


Excuse the top post, but I wanted to resend the original message in
it's entirety in case anyone didn't see it the first time around.

I'm happy to announced that Charles Sibbald has agreed to present a
talk on Saturday about the Asterisk PBX Manager package, and Asterisk
in general. Charles works for Inventigo who specialise in VoIP

I know Asterisk is a "cool" technology currently, and there is an
active thread on the mailing list at the moment, so I think this
should be a very relevant and interesting talk.

Full details of the Tuesday 18th and Saturday 22nd meeting are
included below, and please don't forget if you know of a potential
speaker, or would like to present a talk yourself (from a 5 minute
flash update to a full presentation) you would be more than welcome

Jono Bacon and Ted Haeger will be presenting on the 18th, and Shane
Coughlan is presenting with Charles on the 22nd.

Thank you and I hope to see you at one (or both :) ) of the meetings
in a few weeks.



On 03/04/06, Simon Morris <simon.morris at cmtww.com> wrote:
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> Hello,
> There will be two GLLUG meetings this month.
> Tuesday 18th April.
> ===================
> On Tuesday evening we will be meeting in the New Cavendish Street campus
> of Westminister University at 1900.
> Our speakers for the evening will be Jono Bacon and Ted Haeger.
> Jono Bacon works for Open Advantage in the West Midlands, is a
> journalist and a presenter on LUG Radio
> Ted Haeger works for Novell and is the presenter on the Novell Open
> Audio Podcast.
> The talk will be on Linux Advocacy...
> "In this entertaining and humorous talk, Jono will share some
> techniques and pointers about effectively advocating Open Source.
> Riddled with anecdotes and stories, the presentation provides a good
> grounding for those of you who want to help do you bit to push Open
> Source and free software forward to more people."
> Links:
> http://reverendted.blogspot.com/
> http://www.jonobacon.org
> http://www.lugradio.org
> http://www.novell.com/openaudio
> Saturday 22nd April
> ===================
> On Saturday we will be meeting in the same location at 1330.
> We have one speaker confirmed so far.
> Shane Coughlan is a fellow of the FSFE.
> The talk will be on the FSFE, DRM and Free software in general...
> "The talk is a general introduction to Free Software as a concept, and
> the Free Software Foundation Europe as a body.  We will answer questions
> people have about the purpose of this particular movements, clarify the
> relationship between the various Free Software Foundations around the
> world, and explore why politics and technology have become intertwined.
>  The talk with touch on issues like intellectual property, DRM, and the
> way business needs to be encouraged rather than rejected in Free
> Software models.  We will also have a look at how governments and legal
> systems are changing to cope with the new paradigm of digital
> technology, and we'll look at where we ? as hobbiests and users ? fit
> into this picture."
> Links:
> http://www.fsfe.org
> http://www.shaneland.co.uk/
> I am trying to arrange another speaker for the Saturday meeting at the
> moment. If anyone would like to volunteer to speak, or knows of a
> potential speaker please let me know. Also there would be time for some
> flash presentations if you only want to present a 5 minuter.
> I hope that you will be able to make one or both of these meetings.
> See you there.
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