[Gllug] I can't work out if this guy is a genius troll or just a complete fool

Martyn Drake martyn at drake.org.uk
Thu Apr 27 10:20:57 UTC 2006

On 27 Apr 2006, at 10:15, Jason Clifford wrote:

> In fairness how many Brits have travelled further afield than  
> France or
> Spain?

And even if they DO travel as far as that, they can be bloomin'  
embarrassing.  I remember going to New Zealand a fair years back and  
we joined up with a tour around a Maori village in Rotorua.  Some of  
questions that some of our fellow countrymen asked the poor guide  
(who was Maori herself) who had just finished explaining (and  
demonstrating) to the group how the Maori's once used the hot springs  
to cook their food were bordering on racism/gross stupidity.

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