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Richard Jones rich at annexia.org
Mon Jul 17 18:02:07 UTC 2006

On Mon, Jul 17, 2006 at 05:06:06PM +0100, John Hearns wrote:
> Christian Smith wrote:
> >Garry Heaton uttered:
> >
> >>Can anyone recommend a good server manufacturer for a Linux office 
> >>mail server? Don't have the option of self-build. OK, I know it can be 
> >>done on an old P3 but the client wants new hardware, probably spending 
> >>around �1200.
> I would go for a 4U Supermicro server.
> One of the models with the eight hot-swap drive bays in the front.
> Go for Sata or SAS drives, your choice.
> Configure two of the drives in a mirrored pair for the OS partitions.
> Add a six-port RAID card and configure the other six drives as RAID5 
> plus hot spare.
> This RAID set to be used for the mail spool.

Thirded (is that a word?)

We are very happy with a Supermicro AM-1020-AT which we bought from
Armari Ltd[1] in Watford.

We bought a 3Ware SATA card to replace/override the motherboard
Marvell SATA controller which wasn't well supported by the version of
Debian that we are using.

If the server is going to be near anyone, rather than hidden out of
earshot in a server room, you'll probably want to go for a 4U server
as John recommends, because the 1U servers are bloody noisy.  This
applies as far as I can tell to all 1U servers.


[1] http://www.armari.co.uk/main/contact.htm

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