[Gllug] Re: xorg.conf for widescren lcd tv

salsaman salsaman at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 5 00:04:27 UTC 2006

Minty wrote:

> On 7/4/06, Minty <mintywalker at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Anyone had any success getting a widescreen signal via VGA to a
>> widescreen lcd tv?
> Thanks for all the help and suggestions - I'll give them a try.
>> From: Ryland, Peter
>> The problem is probably that X can't get EDID info from your TV so it
>> doesn't know what aspect ratio the display is.
> I'd be most interested if anyone could expand on this a little.  Like,
> Which xorg.conf settings could I tweak that might help?  I am well
> aware this might be a stupid ass question.
> Given I can get it working correctly on an Apple (see below), is there
> any way I can get the correct settings out of OSX somehow?
>> From: salsaman
>> One thing I've not tried on this which might work is a xinerama
>> configuration
> I believe the xinerama stuff is indeed what comes with (K)ubuntu.  I
> can certainly get different resolutions on the TV and laptop (and
> ditto with an LCD monitor - the ones I've tried work a charm - dual
> desktop, draggy droppy between both is sweet.  Laptop is at 1366x768,
> and the monitor/TVs are at 800x600 or some other 4:3 res).
> I just can't get the linux box to power the TV at 1366x768 res.

Try the following in xorg.conf:

Section "ServerLayout"


Option "Clone" "on"



It might work.


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