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Andy Mindel andymindel at wordtracker.com
Mon Jul 3 11:47:16 UTC 2006


We've been working quite a bit lately with mailing list managers and
we're currently using Lyris.  It's a little expensive but very stable,
the UI could also do with a little work! 

Some others that aren't quite free but reasonably priced:


Mailman - http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/index.html is also a
possibility but have never actually used it.

Hope this helps.


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> Can anyone recommend a (preferably open source) tool for 
> sending out marketing[1] mails? We have a subscriber base of 
> several thousand and need to send out a monthly html email to 
> them. So it needs to handle some basic subscriber 
> information, and have the ability for them to unsubscribe by 
> clicking a link or replying with unsub in the message etc etc.
> Perhaps most importantly it needs to be user friendly - cos 
> the IT department wants as little to do with it as possible. 
> Which effectively means WYSIWYG editing, else we get dragged 
> into the construction of their pretty little html 
> newsletters, which bores us greatly!
> Thanks
> Craig
> [1] It's not spam, honest! Strangely enough some people seem 
> to hanker after the drivel that our marketing man sends them.
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