[Gllug] DNS question

Ian Northeast ian at house-from-hell.demon.co.uk
Sun Jul 2 22:43:38 UTC 2006

Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-07-02 at 22:28 +0100, Jason Clifford wrote:
>>You need to determine exactly what you want to do. Do you want to 
>>associate name servers with the domain or do you want to point a record at 
>>a particular IP address? Given how vague you have been here it doesn't 
>>surprise me that your registry provider don't seem to know what you want.
> Actually, I've always been clear and Ian answered my question well, for
> which thanks. The data was merely posted to illustrate the point I was
> making - I wasn't asking for anything other than commentary on that
> point.

No, you have not been clear. I gave the best answer I could to your 
vague question, with a caveat.

> At this point I was going to write a lengthy defence of my behaviour,
> but actually it's not worth it.

/worth it/possible/ ?

> The defensive and hostile tone of so many of the postings that are on
> this list tells you a lot about Linux's inability to make much progress
> on the desktop.

I don't know where you get this idea from. I see very few "defensive" or 
"hostile" posts on here. And of course this thread is about DNS, a 
server function.

> It's water off a duck's back to me now - i think I was first abused on
> this list (essentially told I shouldn't be here at all) almost four and
> a half year ago. But I shudder to think what other new users would think
> of some of the contributions here, so self-satisfied are they in their
> superiority.

I'm starting to regret answering you now. I don't recall the incident 
four and a half years ago, but I get the feeling that whoever told you 
to p**s off probably had a point.

New users are of course thoroughly welcome on here, and will be given as 
much help as others can provide. People who are given good advice and 
respond with abuse may experience a slightly harder time.

Regards, Ian

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