[Gllug] Asterisk for a small office

Paul Cupis paul at cupis.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 13:04:43 UTC 2006

Alex Singleton wrote:
> At work, we are moving into a new office in September. Basically there are
> going to be three people working there and I am considering a phone system.
> One option would be BT's Featureline, which is BT exchange organised phone
> system. The other option is Asterisk. I wonder how cheaply I could set such
> a system up. I already have a spare PC. What hardware would I need to have,
> say, two incoming analogue lines and three or four analogue handsets.

May I ask why you require two incoming analogue lines and the use of
analogue handsets?

I think I'd suggest getting either:

 * one analogue line with internet and one or more "virtual" lines from
a VoIP provider
 * one decent internet connection and multiple "virtual" lines from a
VoIP provider (or multiple providers for resiliance?)

Instead of analogue phones, I'd get hard IP phones, or perhaps analogue
phones with ATA to connect to the asterisk via VoIP.

This would likely reduce the complexity of the system, particularly on
the "getting analogue equipment plugged into the PBX" side of things.
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