[Gllug] [Slightly OT] - Who are your "IT greats" of the past 40 years?

Ryan Cartwright ryan at crimperman.org
Tue Jul 18 15:24:00 UTC 2006

Slightly OT because it's not strictly Linux based but Computer Weekly
are running a survey to "celebrate" their 40th year. They want us to
vote on the people, organisations and hardware and software[1]
technologies (you get three votes in each category) that "influenced the
IT industry" in the past 40 years.

As is often the case it's who they have not nominated that may be the
biggest talking point. The usual suspects (Gates, Jobs etc.) are in
there along with Stallman and Torvalds (to no doubt keep us lot from
complaining) as well as some, IMHO, odd choices (e.g. Martha Lane Fox),
others like Kernighan and Ritchie (who just make it into the 40 year
limit) are missing. While there is space to add your own nominations,
AFAICS they are not added to the main list for others to vote on. So
unless a lot of people all spell their nominee's name the same way, the
additional nominees may be lost in the numbers.

Always good for using up some wait-while-it-compiles time, the survey
can be found at http://www.computerweekly.com/ITGreats

[1] They have avoided annoying too many people by listing software genre
rather than particular packages. So we get GUI rather than Windows,
MacOS, X etc.
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