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Emon emon at nerdshack.com
Tue Jul 11 21:49:50 UTC 2006

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On 07/12/2006 01:35 AM, Alan Pope wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 11, 2006 at 05:08:10PM +0600, Emon wrote:
>> 1) Minimal customization
>> 2) Non-bleeding edge
>> So different is Debain??
> If you want to know about Debians policies you're best reading their Social
> Contract as a first step.

I will do that

>> How difficult will it be to compile pkgs from source??
> That depends on whether you want to compile a program which has been
> packaged by Debian or whether you want to download from upstream and compile
> that.
> Compiling Debian source packages is pretty painless. It's described in the
> Debian [1] APT-HOWTO.
> If you want to compile everything from scratch then maybe you're better off
> with Linux From Scratch [2] or Core Linux [3]. Both of which will give you
> total control over what is on your computer. Personally I've used Core and
> found it a good learning exercise. I then wiped the machine and installed
> Ubuntu. There's no way that on a day to day basis I could cope with Core or
> LFS on a desktop. You may have time on your hands waiting for stuff to compile,
> I don't.

I see... thanks again for sharing the experience.

>> How much patching does Debain pkgs go through?? OR how much
>> customization does Debain do??
> Debian do apply some customization / patches to packages. How much I don't
> know and to be honest I don't care. It works (for me).
>> How difficult it is to compiling a custom kernel in Debain?? do I have
>> to go through a lot of patching & stuff like that??
> There are guides [4] online.
OK.. I will look into it

>> How often do things break if you upgrade from one release to another??
> I have upgraded my Debian server only once. It went without a hitch. I have
> upgraded many other machines running Debian and Debian derived distros (such
> as Ubuntu) with few major problems. The odd issue can occur, but nothing
> that was insurmountable.

That's very reassuring :-)

>> notice in mailing lists, problems about Ubuntu upgrades, thus the question.
> ..and I've seen one individual from Bangladesh have problems with
> Slackware on multiple mailing lists and discussion forums over the 
> last year or so.. 

Thanks for the warm welcome :-)

>> Beside I once read somewhere (can't remember exactly though) that
>> popularity of Debain fork like Ubuntu may actually be counter productive
>> to the original distro (Debain) as more & more developers might start to
>> focus on making pkgs more compatible with the fork rather than the
>> original distor. How true is this claim??
> This and the rest of your mail is just a troll. 

OH! NO! no no no.... this can not be happening... not to me... NOT
AGAIN!!!... :-(

Somebody .....PLEASE.... tell me that I wasn't trolling

Anyway if the above para (about Ubuntu & Debain) was too controversial;
please... please, forget that I ever wrote it..... cos I don't know how
to rephrase it or reorganize it, I have no intention of knowing the
answer to that question at expense of being labeled as a troll, & also I
honestly do not intend to spark a fire.

After having a second look on my comment on Debain release cycle... I
have come to the realization that I was not formal/cautious enough and
probably have over stepped line with my *BIG* mouth; my *apologies* for
that... I will try to be not so casual next time. All I wanted to know
was that, are Debain release cycles that long??? If so... how come?? I
am only asking this because I hardly have any experience on how things
work on any other distro.

> You've been slapped down in the past on other lists
> for trying to get people going like this, it doesn't work and won't help you
> to get answers to your questions.

Thanks for the reminder, you obviously have a very sharp memory, & you
certainly have my incorrect deeds engraved in your memory. Sorry for
leaving such an impression. I can't help but wonder that may be if you
weren't so cynical as to have labeled me a troll at the very first
opportunity, may be you could have also remembered that I went way,
way... out of my line to apologize & explain my actions to those
particular list members, alas!! It seems I still have some way to go
before I can convince all...

> Cheers,
> Al.
Did you honestly mean that.... Alan?? Thanks for your time though..
Not so cheerful... Emon
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