[Gllug] xorg.conf for widescren lcd tv

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Tue Jul 4 17:01:54 UTC 2006

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006, Minty wrote:

> Sony Widescreen lcd tv, with a VGA input (also s-video, HDMI and scart)

Not ideal, but you can get a 20quid device, powered from usb which
turns VGA in to something you could plug in to scart.

> Both support the same 1366 x 768 resolution - the laptop has a
> widescreen display, and runs happily at that resolution out of the box
> with Kubuntu.
> Trying to use the TV as a second screen under xorg.conf.
> At 800x600 (or any other sane 4:3 resolution), the TV is happy to
> become a working 2nd screen [1].  But you then have to make the TV
> stretch a 4:3 picture into a 16:9 format.  Which sucks.

It shouldn't suck too much, this is basically what normal WS tv's do
and look fine for most content I've seen such as DVDs.  You're
unlikely to have that much media that is actually HD.

I assume you want to see 1366x768 utilised on the TV but it'll only
make all the encoding artifacts show up more!

> At any widescreen resolution the TV gets the signal, but the picture
> is totally un-watchable.  Hard to describe, but like it's trying to
> fit a 1366 pixel wide line into 800 pixels, and thus 566 are wrapping
> onto the next line.  Or the other way around.
> Any ideas?

I would try xvidtune if you haven't already.  There are also CGIs out
there for creating X config modelines like you used to in the old days
before most monitors did that automatic stuff with DPMI is it?


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