[Gllug] OT - What really happened on 9/11 ?

M.Blackmore mblackmore at oxlug.org
Mon Jul 17 21:27:17 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-07-16 at 09:09 +0100, Alain Williams wrote:
> I had previously seen arguments that the attack on the Pentagon was faked,
> but this is far more disturbing:
> 	http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6545313046180631815&q=alex+jones

I wouldn't put anything past the neo-cons, personally, who I and many
other long term observers of governments and politicians (up close and
personal over many years in a previous incarnation) consider pretty much
psychopathic personality profiles (if you find the old concept of "evil"
a bit passe). 

But on balance this theory is probably a stretch too far. They might
have loved to pull something like this off - never underestimate the
simple evil of these people - I can't see how one could black bag an
operation setting that many charges into a building without too high a
risk of discovery or mishap. It could be done I suppose - but the risk
assessment would put most serious planners off trying it as there are
too many unpredictable event opportunities. Surely.

Much more plausible for the furtherance of the "Project for the New
American Century"  a document with rawly expressed repressive and
exploitative imperialist aims - is that someone(s) covered
up/buried/diverted/corrupted intelligence that something like this
attack was afoot, or had some role in provacateuring, to create the
conditions for the perpetual war (or the Forever War as some SF writer
made the title of a book back in the 70s - was it Joe Haldeman?). The
total collapse was just a dramatic added bonus unless one had a very
clear idea of the flaws in the structural integrity of the design and
implementation of construction. But even with such foreknowledge it
would have been a what if for any planning rather than a certain when.

Whatever, it certainly had the desired effect. I'm not sure that it has
backfired on the neo-con and corporate oligarchy yet by the USA being
mired in Iraq - no one seriously expected a "victory" did they? That
wasn't the aim was it? 

Or was the aim to create the conditions for the Total Security State
that the corporate oligarchy have been angling for decades to achieve
since it became clear that with the running out of the status good
consumer innovation market driver (the core of the industrial revolution
for centuries and the motor of the middle class's economic position)
within the next generation - not to mention cheaply sourced and
transportable energy supplies - that the nation state and democracy as
practiced by the so called liberal democracies was become an unnecessary
hindrance after the initial age of accumulation (the protestant work
ethic and broad complex skills needs of the pre-informational technology

Anyway. "Everwar is Everywhere" (or would that be better as "Everywhere
is Everwar"?. Anyway, remember you read it here first. Get used to it.

And remember, with global warming, your kids/grandkids won't need to be
visiting Africa - Africa will be visiting THEM. En Masse. Start the arms
training young, eh? On current form the Africans will have had plenty of
practice by the time they get here.

I can see Paranoia Gulch getting real crowded the next decade or so.

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