[Gllug] DNS question

Adrian McMenamin adrian at newgolddream.dyndns.info
Sun Jul 2 19:42:45 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-07-02 at 20:38 +0100, Ian Northeast wrote:

> He does have a point though. Where DNS is concerned it is extremely hard 
> to help someone who won't divulge all the information. The bind mailing 
> list is full of complaints from potential helpers when people ask 
> questions and obfuscate the information.
> And although you asked about records pointing to subnets, the "example" 
> you gave, where the output of dig had clearly been edited, did not show 
> this. If you had provided real data, we could have checked.
> See my other reply, which I sent before seeing this exchange.

I still don't see the point of leaving a permanent record of some other
company's name in a post like this - that's all this was about, not
about a misguided sense of security through obscurity.

Thanks, though, you've answered my question - as the dig output was from
the authoritative DNS then clearly there is something broken as I am
very clear I have never entered that broadcast address.

I wasn't asking for a fix, merely guidance as to whether this was a
standard feature.

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