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Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Mon Jul 31 15:29:03 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-31 at 16:22 +0100, Richard wrote:

> >
> I'd count MySpace as one. Something that creates a representation of
> relationships between people in a relatively deliberate, and open
> manner. I've not explored Flickr or Digg, so I can't comment on them.

I guess Flickr could be by that definition - you can see whose buddies
are whose on the system.

Digg is less so as you can only see who voted for which "news" (although
that is very thin on the ground recently) to be promoted to the front

> For example, LinkedIn has a handshake system (invite, accept) for each
> connection for each user in the network. Doubleclick's not a social
> networking service in that its tracking isn't deliberate or open in
> any
> sense; despite the fact that it relates people by common behaviour and
> relationships.

I opened a Linkedin account to see what the site was about and quickly
abandoned it. A casual internet acquaintance got really quite angry when
I ignored his invitations to become a Linkedin contact. He took it quite


So my score would be zero then. I abandoned my Flickr account ages ago.

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