[Gllug] [ANNOUNCE] July Meeting - Trip to Bletchley Park

Simon Morris simon.morris at cmtww.com
Mon Jul 3 09:48:45 UTC 2006


This Sunday 9th July there will be a GLLUG expedition to Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park was the centre of the Allied cryptanalysis and code
breaking efforts during the Second World War. The most notable
achievement was the breaking of the German Enigma cipher which is said
to have brought the war to an end 2 years early.

It was home to a number of famous mathematicians and cryptanalysts
including Alan Turing - the father of modern computer science.

The GLLUG trip is going to take in the Computer museum from its origins
with the Colossus, invented during the Second World War to break Lorenz
codes through the mainframes of the 1960's, mini computers, homebuilt
micros to the PC's of today. There is also a host of wartime exhibits
including vehicles, machinery and a Churchill exhibition to take in.

On 9th July there is also a Vintage car and motorbike exhibition in the

The plan at the moment is for GLLUG members to make their own way to
Bletchley Park, meet for a picnic and visit the attractions. July 9th is
also the World Cup Final day so it is predicted those who care may slope
off to a local pub, or race back to London for the 7pm kickoff.

The cost of the trip will be your travel to the park from Euston station
plus the entry fee to the park which could be £8.50 (Internet booking),
£10 (on the day) or £8 (if you register your name with me ASAP)

We are meeting "under the big tree" at 1230 for a picnic and then
splitting into smaller groups to look at the exhibits, vintage cars,
walk around the park etc.

So far we have one set of parents, 2 sets of wives and 2 children
attending as well so feel free to bring people along for the day.

More details from the website http://gllug.org.uk/summer and if you want
to attend please subscribe to the GLLUG Social mailing list.



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