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Joel Bernstein joel at fysh.org
Fri Jun 9 19:47:10 UTC 2006

On Fri, Jun 09, 2006 at 09:32:20PM +0200, Dani Pardo wrote:
> On 6/9/06, Joel Bernstein <joel at fysh.org> wrote:
> >Bricolage is actually very good.
> I've visited their site. Looks good. There's all the API online even, nice.
> A pity there?s no online demo or anything like that to try.
> For example, I like the idea of "Gizmos" in Metadot. It?s a kind of
> Portlets, an API to build your apps/things under the CMS/Portal. Is
> that availiable in Bricolage?

Bricolage is a CMS in the "content publishing" sense, not the
Slash/discussion forum sense. It has different types of view templates
for story components, see:


But basically if you want small portal-type subapplications I think
you're not looking at the right framework perhaps.

> >>  I'd also like to find a good one Java-based, but found none yet. :(
> >
> >Jahia isn't properly open-source but they have various models which
> >might interest you. A previous employer of mine bought into Jahia in a
> >big way for CMS/Portal stuff. http://www.jahia.com and
> >http://www.jahia.org [commercial and community sites]
>  Yep. I've seen it. Very good. A pity the "free" edition seems just a
> cutted out version for personal use.

In my experience:
- they're very flexible with development/test licences
- they will happily swap patches to the source for commercial licences
- they're very clueful guys
- if you go to Switzerland for their training, they're very keen *and*
  lay on an excellent lunch

I don't know of other systems to compare with, unfortunately.a

You may be right about the free edition. My only Jahia exposure was to
the commercial edition. 

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