[Gllug] My own fault...

Richard Huxton dev at archonet.com
Wed Jun 28 14:14:08 UTC 2006

Replacing a client's very old NT4 server with a new Win2k3 server 
running Small-Business-Server.

OK, run some hardware tests, all fine. Run through the initial windows 
setup, install some stuff, configure, install more, configure. Oh look! 
I managed to get a typo into the AD domain name when doing the initial 

I now need the tool from here:
and the instructions alone come to 1.6MB (and are .DOC files, because I 
wouldn't find it useful to read them in a web-browser now would I)


Just to make life more entertaining, I can't even stage the transfer by 
setting up a trust relationship to the old NT4 domain, because that's 
not supported by SBS.

And this is supposed to have £1000 more value than a Debian install?

   Richard Huxton
   Archonet Ltd

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