[Gllug] OT: Mac OS X for a linux user

salsaman salsaman at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 7 02:42:23 UTC 2006

Jack Bertram wrote:

>I am vaguely considering moving off my current two-home machine setup (1
>Linux for everyday; 1 Windows for Microsoft Office/Money) to a single
>iMac 24" - basically to save space.  I'd migrate all my email to my
>linux hosted server.
>Has anyone used OS X in anger?  Is it sufficiently linux-like that I'd
>be at home with it?  Does running CrossoverMac work well?  Can you run
>the normal X or Gnome programs that I'm familiar with on the desktop
>without fiddling too much?
>As a veteran CLI user, it's a slightly scary prospect moving to Mac but
>it might be worth it for the gorgeous screen and the lack of boxes under
>the table...

You can always run a dual boot on it. It should be even easier now that 
Mac has gone OSX based.

Back when Macs still used ppc, I heard rumours that Gentoo on mac 
hardware ran better than OSX on mac hardware.

Apple's boot camp also supports Linux.

There was also a project called Darwin that was porting Linux tools to 
OSX, but I read reports that the project was dead because Apple stopped 
cooperating with them.

Anyway, Linux can have nice displays too. Just get yourself a nice big 
flatscreen or four, and run xgi on it.


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