[Gllug] DNS & VPN

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 20:37:46 UTC 2007

On Wed 20 Jun, Alain Williams wrote:

> That is doing things in their office, that is not the problem. By the time
> packets gets there they will have already traversed the VPN.
> I want the remote/home PC to continue to use the broadband-modem/ISP/... for DNS
> lookups BUT have it know about one DNS name that is internal to the company.

   I assume that the office has an officially assigned IP address block to
its internal machines, otherwise the IP address is not routable. If it is
routable, it is also guessable.
   If the person who requires access via a VPN has a fixed IP address, then
IPCop can be configured to forward the VPN using its own VPN and firewall
   My ADSL modem/router also provides VPN and firewall facilities to select
access restrictions, so I can specify similar restrictions for both my modem
and the IPCop firewall, and all my connections must go through both (I am
not using the multiple modem/router ports at present).
   If the home IP address is not fixed, then setting up any VPN could prove

Chris Bell

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