[Gllug] Hard drive problems

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 3 22:44:04 UTC 2007

On Sun 03 Jun, Christopher Hunter wrote:

> Oh, it all makes work for the working man to do!... (Flanders and Swann)
> Chris
   I understand that Southern Electric are awaiting clearance from TFL to do
the work, partly because of the location at the edge of the A40, and partly
because it also feeds the traffic lights a few feet away. I am told that
traffic lights object to running on a standby generator, so perhaps they
need a UPS to clean up the feed. I would guess that they need between 5 and
20 KVA for these lights, depending on how many of the linked lights are
driven from the same cabinet.

Chris Bell

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