[Gllug] wireless adapter (usb)

Tom Weissmann trmsw at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 26 09:12:51 UTC 2007

countd wrote:

> I've found some recommendations on teh interwebs, but have had my
> fingers burnt before on a PCI card that supposedly worked and then had
> a change of chipset. Any cast-iron recommendations? The LinkSys
> WUSB54G appears to be a good option, although perhaps a little bulky.
> I'd really appreciate some feedback/experiences.

I've had good experiences with Ralink-based devices.


The Belkin wireless G adaptor is a possibility, depending on the 
version, which does appear somewhere on the packaging if you look hard 

These versions have working drivers:
v2000 - Ralink RT2570
v3000 - Ralink RT73
v4000 - ZyDAS ZD1211

According to http://opensource.bureau-cornavin.com/belkin/index.html 
there's a later version that uses the Prism A02, but I've only seen the 
other three.

The ASUS WL-167G (but not the ASUS WL-167GE) also uses the RT2570 chipset.

NB, just because there's a working driver for it doesn't mean it'll work 
out straight of the box:

On the latest version of Ubuntu, plugging in the v3000 Belkin USB stick 
loaded Prism, rt2570 and the rt73 drivers all at once, and naturally it 
didn't work. Unloading the wrong modules and re-loading rt73 got it working.

Good luck :)
Tom SW
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