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>A Windows install is now usually MUCH more difficult than a Linux one -
>you seldom have all the right driver disks, drivers conflict with each
>other, there's no actual software provided, and the endless reboots will
>drive you mad!

That's so with Vista but that's because it's new. Those problems will 
mostly go away as hardware manufacturers write new drivers. I'm running 
Vista on a new laptop and it's certainly more trouble than XP.

>> Point two Microsoft is the only provider is certain key areas.
>> 1. Games (Yes there are Linux and OSX Games but not in great numbers)
>That's market driven, of course.  As Linux becomes more prevalent in
>domestic use, (especially with Dell offering Ubuntu), the games
>manufacturers will spot another potential market.  It's just a matter of


>> 2. Presentation Software. (nothing competes with Powerpoint
>> unfortunately)
>The "flakiness" factor in Powerpoint makes it mostly unusable in
>reality.  There are many other, better options.  A senior executive of
>my acquaintance argues that if Powerpoint is "necessary" to explain an
>idea at a meeting or seminar, either the idea's rubbish or the person
>presenting the idea isn't sufficiently articulate to continue in his

I've been using PowerPoint for more than ten years. Other than when 
using video on an underpowered machine I've never had any problems with 
it, and I can't recall ever getting a support call from users. There's a 
widespread belief that all Windows software is flaky and crashes every 
few minutes. It's a myth spread by people who want to have us believe 
that their superior intellect marks them out as above anyone who chooses 
to use Windows. There are lots of problems around the use of PowerPoint 
but the software itself is pretty solid.

>> We are getting there slowly in a lot of other areas but this has only
>> happened recently some of it within the last year....
>Correct.  The last year or two has seem major advances.

Indeed, And there are a lot more to come.

Bernard Peek
bap at shrdlu.com

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