[Gllug] Freeview

Juergen.Schinker ba1020 at homie.homelinux.net
Tue Jun 12 14:04:46 UTC 2007

Benjamin Donnachie schrieb:
> Richard Ibbotson wrote:
>> Does anyone know will Freeview use decentralised P2P processing power  
>> or is it being used already  ?
> Joost[1] are definitely using P2P - unfortunately, their system will
> only work under Windows XP or on Intel Macs.  I haven't been very
> impressed with it to be honest.
> The VirginMedia IPTV test is using multicasting, which seems more
> appropriate to me, especially as they have control of the network.  It's
> causing problems with some people's firewalls but if you're actually on
> the trial proper I understand that they give you a separate box and a
> splitter for the cable connection.
> As I'm not on the IPTV trial I can only comment that VLC on my iBook
> struggles desperately to keep up with the BBC HD feed and fails abysmally!
> Ben
> [1] www.joost.com

try this, runs on linux and uses p2p bittorent

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