[Gllug] Microsoft was distributing Ubuntu

Rob Crowther robertc at boogdesign.com
Mon Jun 25 22:31:46 UTC 2007

Richard Turner wrote:
> Generally Linux is used on servers, correct? What server software could
> MS provide for which there isn't already a good free alternative? I can
> only think of Exchange, but I'm not really up-to-speed on MS software.
I would think the more "enterprisey" stuff like BizTalk, Sharepoint and
IIS/ASP.Net (as an application server platform along the lines of
JBoss/Websphere rather than a straight web server) and perhaps SQL
Server are likely to find some sort of market - high ticket, low volume
sales to large corporates and governments sort of stuff.  Possibly their
new source control and management stuff too.  Though you're right, I
wouldn't buy any of it myself, but just being able to buy stuff from a
company as big as MS, especially if you can convince yourself you're
saving money by using a 'free' OS would be a draw for the decision
makers in those markets I think.

> I know MS released Internet Explorer 5 for HP-UX and Solaris, but
> considering that MSIE 7 on Windows isn't a very good browser, what
> chance that MSIE 5 for UNIX was any good? It was discontinued because of
> lack of demand for it, they say.
IE 7 isn't too bad actually, certainly a big improvement over IE 6,
which itself wasn't much better than IE 5.  I'm not sure about the Unix
versions, but I know the Mac IE 5 was built off a different code base to
the Windows version and was generally considered far superior (I have no
personal experience, but this is my impression from the various web
developer lists I'm on), so a direct comparison across platforms may not
be appropriate.


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