[Gllug] ext3 filesystem suddenly full

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 16:48:05 UTC 2007

Chris Jones wrote:

> Why not "You are 90% full, please remove files (click here for a tool to
> help you) or install additional disks". LVM means a user could easily
> drop in a disk and add it to their system (although you still have the
> scary fs resizing. Roll on extent based fs')

Hmmm - XFS has been available in mainline since 2.4.25, and as a 
patchset for a long time before that. The xfs_growfs utility has been a 
standard tool for a long time, and is not what I think of as delicate 
these days.

So yes, ext2/ext3 still need looking after, but you've had better tested 
options for some time now. I still lust after ZFS on Linux though...

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