[Gllug] Command line tool to find video dimensions?

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Sat Jun 2 18:17:28 UTC 2007

Nix writes:

>It's just a good habit to get into, because in many non-bash shells [[
>]] is internal while [ ] is not, so [[ ]] is *dramatically* faster.

Really? I admit I haven't checked lately, but I'm sure that as long
ago as the late '80s, [ had been made an internal command even in
standard Bourne shell. I remember using machines where it wasn't, and
indeed even on many modern machines, /usr/bin/[ exists as a fallback
just in case. But I'd be surprised if you could find a machine where
it wasn't internal (that said, I've been surprised by such things
before, and no doubt will be again).

>> 		sed -rn -e '/^ID_VIDEO_(WIDTH|HEIGHT)/ {s/.*=//;N;s/\n.*=/x/p;h}' \
>> 				-e '$ {g;s/^$/unknown size/;T;p}'
>This sort of sed is probably a criminal offence :)

Pah! Some people just have no sense of beauty :-)

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