[Gllug] screen and ssh challenge

Mike Brodbelt mike at coruscant.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 21:20:49 UTC 2007

Chris Jones wrote:
> Hi
> Peter Childs wrote:
>> Could you put a wrapper round ssh? nice bash script to change the screen
> certainly could and if I don't find a better answer, that's what I will
> fall back on. It's a bit hacky though and very sensitive to the order of
> arguments.

You can do it by putting Tet's bit of bash magic into the /etc/profile 
on all your remote hosts. However, you make it's execution conditional 
on the presence of an environment variable you set, and then put this 
environment variable into your sshd_config in an AcceptEnv directive, 
and in your ssh_config in a SendEnv directive.

That way, users who have the environment variable set will have it 
propagated wherever they go, and /etc/profile will do the appropriate 
magic you've set it to. Users without the environment variable set will 
see no change in behaviour.

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