[Gllug] Microsoft was distributing Ubuntu

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 22:37:55 UTC 2007


Bernard Peek writes:

>Their current business isn't supportable in the long term because Linux 
>is holding down their margin on new sales, and Vista isn't the success 
>they badly needed. But their exit plan has been up and running for 
>nearly ten years now, I expect to see the results - at a guess Microsoft 
>Linux in October 2008 (except that it won't use the Linux kernel.)

I'm not entirely sure which planet you inhabit, but it doesn't seem
to be the same one as me. Firstly, 2008 for a non-Windows OS from MS?
I'm not going to rule out the possibility entirely, but I'd be quite
comfortable staking a fair amount of money on it not being any time
next year.

And if it's not going to be running a Linux kernel, exactly which part
of it do you see as being "Linux"? If they do a non-Windows general
purpose OS in the future, I can guarantee you it won't be the kernel
they'll change. It'll be Linux/Solaris/BSD/whatever with a Microsoft
userland sat on top.

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