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>> A picture speaks a thousand words and if used well it can help. But
>> it needs to be value added not the be all and all.
>The problem with PowerPoint (and Impress and anything else that's
>similar) is that it's technically very easy to produce lots of
>pictures. Furthermore, the way it's built (and Impress is the same)
>encourages the user to structure the talk around the pictures, rather
>than use the pictures to enhance the talk.
>But there's a danger of doing this sort of thing with any display
>technology, as those who've seen the Video Arts film on slide
>presentations will know.
>It's all a question of people switching on their brains before using
>technology. And we currently have no means - under either Windows *or*
>Linux - of making sure this happens,

IME the biggest problem with PowerPoint is that users invariably use the 
printed slides as a handout to go with the presentation. That's often 
disastrous because the slides omit most of the information that the 
presenter delivered. Anyone relying on just the printout is going to 
lose most of the content. If you want to produce a good quality handout 
then expect to spend at least five times as much time on the handout 
than on the presentation.

Bernard Peek
bap at shrdlu.com

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