[Gllug] DNS & VPN

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Thu Jun 21 10:17:28 UTC 2007


Alain Williams wrote:
> The VPN (and routing, etc) all works. The question is how to name

What do people want to get from that IP over the VPN? If it's stuff like
web pages, then give them a bookmark. If it's network shares, mount the
share for them.

There is no clean solution to the problem really, you are either going
to have to add a hosts file entry or have people put up with slow DNS
(which will likely also break when they disconnect, unless the vpn
client is smart enough to put the resolver config back to what it was).

I've tried the route of putting VPN IPs in public DNS before, but it
seems to be highly unreliable (I suspect some DNS servers silently drop
RFC1918 addresses), so I just use IP addresses and setup appropriate
bookmarks/mounts I can just click on when I connect.

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