[Gllug] ext3 filesystem suddenly full

Chris Jones cmsj at tenshu.net
Sat Jun 23 00:26:14 UTC 2007


Tethys wrote:
> Editing video files is unlikely to touch anything outside of /home,
> /var or /tmp.

And we've already seen suggestions for var to be its own partition and
tmp to be RAM. The latter is clearly going to be a problem and the
former should be sized according to workload, which can't be sensibly
predicted. In the previous scenariou, User B could need an order of
magnitude more space than A in places that aren't clearly predictable.

> Installing lots of games? /usr/local or /opt, probably.

We've seen suggestions for usr to be on its own partition: As previously
mentioned, games can be quite large (e.g. UT2004 is 3.5GB).

opt is going to be on the 150MB / partition people wanted.

Every time you make a new partition for part of the install, you have to
answer the quesition "how big should it be?" and that varies based on

Please note, I'm not arguing against any of the merits of splitting the
fs. I've used a lot of the same layouts as have been suggested here, but
I don't want an installer to try and guess them for me and I don't think
they should be the concern of desktop users (with the obvious exception
of people who see enough merit in it to do, but they will know/learn how
to do it and don't need to care what I think ;)

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