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Sun Jun 3 04:40:39 UTC 2007


John G Walker wrote:
> I suspect its inclusion is the result of not thinking about every word,
> rather than deliberate discrimination. But people should be careful
> with job adverts, if for no other reason than that they're important for
> the image given about the company,

This is roughly the insight I had into this thread, but with one
difference. I read "young and inexperienced" through cynical glasses as
a synonym for "cheap and exploitable".

Honesty would have had them say "we want one person to do 'mission
critical' sysadmin, website development and ideally some creative work,
for less money than the market value of one of those disciplines".

This doesn't make for a good company image, even though there is nothing
wrong with not wanting to spend a fortune on IT when you don't really
*need* 5 nines and a whole team.

(Usual IANAL, IMHO, ZOMGWTFBBQLOL rules apply)

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