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Dick Turpin wrote:
> Hm Jack of all trades master of none?

Any reasonable CS graduate of the last few years has probably touched
most of the listed areas. With some personal interest they have probably
pushed out into the rest (or things so similar as to be directly
transferable). What they lack is the lack of mastery of any one area.

Sounds like a pretty good match.

They will build you a working solution in not much time and then switch
to maintaining it. It won't be a highly extensible, XML powered
framework, but it doesn't need to be because you're a small outfit who
just want one site to do one thing.

>> a fast learner and capable of doing a thousand things at the same time.
> Because we don't have the time or money to train you plus we want our 
> pound of flesh for the salary.

Because we're all too busy trying to make this little company grow to
security and profitability. Also we probably object to how expensive
"proper" IT infrastructure is.

> Because if you're young then we don't have to pay the true salary that 
> this type of position commands.

Employer people will pay what they can get away with paying. IT people
will get paid whatever they can get away with commanding. Experience is
the currency of the market and you can get it by working damn hard
building something great for a little outfit that lets them get where
they want, then you can go and command big money from someone who can
better afford it.

If there were no little companies looking to get the most from people
new to the industry who are keen to prove their metal, there would be
many fewer entry points to the market and everyone would have to go and
be an IBM consultant.

I've been through the stages of working an insanely wide range of job
roles for little money. It's lead me through a variety of industries, I
have been able to stay in easier jobs for extended periods because it
was convenient, and I've since moved into much more professional
environments and been suitably compensated for it based on my
experience. Of course there were frustrations along the way, but I have
always enjoyed the work and never resented it. Tickets marked "resolved"
and productive users smiling as they leave me alone, are worthy too ;)

Chris "The better you do your job, the less they think you did anything
at all" Jones
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