[Gllug] Hard drive problems

James Roberts jr at stabilys.com
Mon Jun 4 10:15:51 UTC 2007

I personally think it is more to do with the changes in the UK supply 
specification due to harmonisation.

I do not have the figures at hand and cannot come up with a suitable 
Google search spec just now, but the current spec allows dips of a 
greater magnitude than the old one did.

These are quite enough to force restarts on well designed 
voltage-critical parts - and silent failure modes on the less 


Benjamin Donnachie wrote:
> Christopher Hunter wrote:
>>> 10 years ago the UK mains was reliable. Not now.
>> Probably as a result of the utility being largely sold off to the
>> French!
> Or as a result of buying directly from them using the England-France
> undersea interconnector[1].
> Ben
> [1] http://www.nationalgrid.com/uk/Interconnectors/France/
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