[Gllug] Hard drive problems

Benjamin Donnachie benjamin at py-soft.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 10:36:37 UTC 2007

James Roberts wrote:
> I personally think it is more to do with the changes in the UK supply 
> specification due to harmonisation.

Ah yes!  Harmonisation with Europe but there's so much tolerance that
the specs allow us to stay at 240v! :-)

> I do not have the figures at hand and cannot come up with a suitable 
> Google search spec just now, but the current spec allows dips of a 
> greater magnitude than the old one did.

Found a link!  Apparently it's now 230V RMS ±10%.  I like this bit,
"Note that in practice no change in voltage is required by either system
as both 220V and 240V fall within the lower 230 V tolerance bands (230 V

> These are quite enough to force restarts on well designed 
> voltage-critical parts - and silent failure modes on the less 
> well-designed...

All my important stuff now runs off UPS.  The 3kva (I think that it's
spec) one off eBay was overkill, but it's reassuring to know that I can
boil a kettle during power cuts! :-)


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