[Gllug] Xorg no mouse pointer on resume

Simon Perry gllug at si-designs.co.uk
Fri Jun 15 11:59:40 UTC 2007


I have a box that is behaving rather strangely. When the xserver is run
for the first time the mouse pointer is visible as expected.

However if the monitor goes into standby mode via DPMS or I restart the
xserver the mouse pointer vanishes.

The mouse still "works" as icons that are hovered over change state as
normal but that is the only way I can tell where the pointer is on the

To make matters more confusing this box has dual graphics cards and once
I move the pointer right onto the secondary screen the mouse pointer
displays correctly in that screen even after standby. Move it left and
it is not visible on the primary screen.

I'm running Kubuntu Fiesty. The primary card is an on board Nvidia 6150
with 256mb allocated that is using the nv driver.

Any pointers much appreciated (excuse the pun).

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