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> Hi
> Dick Turpin wrote:
> > Hm Jack of all trades master of none?
> Any reasonable CS graduate of the last few years has probably touched
> most of the listed areas. With some personal interest they have
> probably pushed out into the rest (or things so similar as to be
> directly transferable). What they lack is the lack of mastery of any
> one area.
> Sounds like a pretty good match.
> They will build you a working solution in not much time and then
> switch to maintaining it. It won't be a highly extensible, XML powered
> framework, but it doesn't need to be because you're a small outfit who
> just want one site to do one thing.
> >> a fast learner and capable of doing a thousand things at the same
> >> time.
> > Because we don't have the time or money to train you plus we want
> > our pound of flesh for the salary.
> Employer people will pay what they can get away with paying. IT people
> will get paid whatever they can get away with commanding. Experience
> is the currency of the market and you can get it by working damn hard
> building something great for a little outfit that lets them get where
> they want, then you can go and command big money from someone who can
> better afford it.
> If there were no little companies looking to get the most from people
> new to the industry who are keen to prove their metal, there would be
> many fewer entry points to the market and everyone would have to go
> and be an IBM consultant.
> I've been through the stages of working an insanely wide range of job
> roles for little money. It's lead me through a variety of industries,
> I have been able to stay in easier jobs for extended periods because
> it was convenient, and I've since moved into much more professional
> environments and been suitably compensated for it based on my
> experience. Of course there were frustrations along the way, but I
> have always enjoyed the work and never resented it. Tickets marked
> "resolved" and productive users smiling as they leave me alone, are
> worthy too ;)

But of course - and this is the point of the thread - all of this
applies to someone who graduates at age 40. Anyone remember "lifelong

 All the best,
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