[Gllug] Microsoft was distributing Ubuntu

Peter Cannon peter at cannon-linux.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 09:06:33 UTC 2007

Andy Smith wrote:

> 1. Why would Mark Shuttleworth be concerned that Microsoft (or anyone) is
>    promoting Ubuntu, as long as the promotion was factual?

I didn't say he was I was just wondering really considering he has just 
told MS to go swivel over patent agreements.

> 2. Why do you feel that distributing GPL software or even selling
>    distributions of it would be "getting the GPL slightly wrong"?
>    Hint: Microsoft has distributed GPL software before, and may
>    still do so.

I don't the article does, quote The part Microsoft got wrong is it says 
the license is "Free" and "No limitations".

Didn't you read it?

> If you actually read the links you give, you will see that the
> Microsoft site merely pointed to C|Net so they weren't distributing
> it or offering "download space" anyway.  But if they did, so what?

Um I'm confused what are you saying? I'm obviously agreeing with you in 
the paragraph below

>> For me personally in line with the Freedom ethos I don't have a
>> problem with it. what's your view?
> My view is, after we remove all the errors in the above, I don't
> think we're left with much of a talking point.

Is it raining down there or something? if there are errors then they are 
  errors reported by slashdot!! the post I made was pretty much verbatim 
apart from one or two thoughts and a question of my own.

But hey if it makes you happy to make out the original post was all my 
own work and was a load of tosh then I'm glad to have helped brighten 
your day. :-)


Peter cannon

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There is no excuse for not asking"
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