[Gllug] Wireless Hotspot providers

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Fri Jun 29 16:41:41 UTC 2007

John Levin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been asked to look into setting up a wireless hotspot in a pub, 
> giving free access to customers.
> Can anyone point me towards a decent provider of such services? Would it 
> be possible to just get broadband from, say, BT, and offer that via a 
> suitably configured router? Would that be a breach of terms of services?

It depends on the service you go with.  One thing I would say though is 
don't go with BT or any of the big providers like that.  If you're 
trying to run any kind of serious service then you need a provider where 
you can talk to someone who can tell an arse from an elbow at least best 
out of three.  You need to be able to explain to them what you intend to 
do, (try doing that to the average telephone sales-droid) and have them 
understand the concept enough to agree to it.

Sod it - just use Jason or A&A or someone like that.

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