[Gllug] Creating Maildirs

john gennard joney at clara.co.uk
Tue May 15 15:27:40 UTC 2007

On 15 May 2007, Anthony Newman <anthony.newman at ossified.net> wrote

john gennard wrote:

 >> I need maildirs for an inbox, gllug, debian-user, Tom,
 >> Dick and Harry etc, so I created a maildir in Mail and
 >> then a maildir folder 'inbox' within that to see what
 >> happens. getmail retrieves OK, logs to /.getmail/log,
 >> but puts the mail into ~/Mail/Maildir/cur and mutt says
 >> there are no mail boxes. I just can't get the problem
 >> clear in my head. If I use mboxes, it's simple - mutt
 >> just filters mail for reading into inbox, gllug,
 >> debian-user and so on. How can I create a 'tree' of
 >> maildirs to do this simple job? After I solved the problem
 >> before, for years I just saw getmail pull the mail and mutt
 >> present me with it neatly divided into folders.

 > Sub-folders within a maildir are dot-delimited rather than nested, 
 > so your directory structure will look something like:

 > cur/
 > new/
 > tmp/
 > .gllug/new
 > .gllug/tmp
 > .debian-user/cur
 > .debian-user/new
 > .debian-user/tmp

 > etc.

 > For sub-sub folders:

 > .lists/cur
 > .lists/new
 > .lists/tmp
 > .lists.gllug/cur
 > .lists.gllug/new
 > .lists.gllug/tmp

 > which will give you a folder "lists" with a subfolder "gllug", both
is this the right way round? If so, I don't understand.

 > of which can store mail. Inbox is a special case meaning the root
 > maildir and its cur, new and tmp directories.

Thanks for all the above - actually I was near to what you say,
but things seemed illogical and my inbox was a '.inbox' maildir,
and getmail put it's download into the ~/Mail/Maildir/. If inbox
had been the root maildir, I might have been able to understand 
things. How do I get around this?

 > To be honest, I've never had to do this though, as the program
 > which delivers mail to the maildirs (in your case getmail, which
 > I must admit I've never used) will generally create the directory
 > structure automatically.

getmail specifically says it does not create maildirs itself -
(might ask Charles if he could do something about it!).

Many thanks for your response.


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