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Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Mon May 28 00:14:24 UTC 2007

On 27 May 2007, Martin A. Brooks uttered the following:
> Any website that requires _any_ scripting or weird plugins (i.e. Java, 
> Flash etc etc) to provide the minimal intended information is 
> fundamentally flawed.
> If your website doesn't work in a text-only browser, you need to fire 
> your web designer and hire someone competent instead.

I agree with the general slant of this, but, um, not so. e.g. right now
I'm connecting to my system at work: the admins at work being insane I'm
being forced to do this not via SSH but via a Tarantella session. This
is implemented by means of a Java applet, and, um, sorry, but I can't
imagine any way of doing this in a web browser that didn't involve a
Java applet somewhere. Doing it in HTML would be like implementing an
X server in HTML: no thanks. (The VNC-in-a-web-browser thing is also
a Java applet for the same reason.)

But I'd agree that if what you're trying to do can be done using the
(rather limited) palette of things that HTML allows, you should do it
that way.

`On a scale of one to ten of usefulness, BBC BASIC was several points ahead
 of the competition, scoring a relatively respectable zero.' --- Peter Corlett
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