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Alex Smith asmith at asmhosting.com
Mon May 14 18:59:37 UTC 2007

>Probably correct, I bought some power meters from Maplin, and tried it 
>on the dual processor Compaq DL360 (2 x p3'S, 2 X scsi) idling in the 
>rack with little disk activity chews 0.39A or about 80 watts. I'll try a 
>meter on a DL380 later.

Ouch, I have recently played with some PE860's from Dell and despite me not
normally liking Dell the power usage isn't half bad (For Dell anyways), Dual
Core Xeon, 2GB Ram and 2 SATA HDD's at reasonable load it was drawing ~0.3A.
Not show stopping by any mean's but does mean you can get a fair few in a
16A rack (Assuming Redbus will still give you one ;).

Other than that, I haven't really seen anything decent power wise aside from
a few of our customer's SuperMicro barebone's servers which can do ~0.25A
upto .3A

Any of the other PE machine's I have used just eat power at a rate of



P.S. Jason, I'm curious, which building in Dockland's are you in? I'm based
in Redbus Merdian & Sov 5 days a week :)

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