[Gllug] (OT) Server spec for 100W power consumption

paul at ma1.se paul at ma1.se
Thu May 17 10:15:20 UTC 2007

Anthony Newman wrote:
> Garry Heaton wrote:
>> Thought I might have to. So what would your bog standard 1U consist of to 
>> keep it under 100W?
> The sort of thing I reckon you're up against might look like something 
> from here:
> http://www.ipc2u.de/catalog/M/MO/

he he. Got two of those lurking about for a possible dedicated server 
project a few years back with Eden 1ghz Nehemiah(?) processor

Just powered one up with VIA/Eden motherboard and processor with two 
PATA drives.

0.21 Amps at rest with 0.27A with some disc activity. Eden processors 
are the way to go then!

You could probably fit two of these in one 1U of rack space.


Paul Lee

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