[Gllug] Question re Linux compatibility of certain laptops

amd_uk amd_uk at lineone.net
Fri May 25 09:01:57 UTC 2007

While whomever you talked to is blatantly wrong about Linux needing a 
dual core processor, if you specified to them at the time that you 
needed a laptop to run Linux then, under the terms of the Sale of Goods 
Act, the laptop must be capable of running Linux or you could demand a 
refund as it isn't fit for the purpose for which it was intended. They 
may have just been covering themselves in the event that Linux didn't 
work correctly but it's unlikely.
With any laptop that you purchase you should at least tell them you want 
to run Linux on it and that is its intended purpose. Better to put it in 
writing so that you have something to point to and say "I told you what 
it was for and it doesn't do it" to make it easier to get a refund if 
things don't work correctly.
Follow up the suggestions already posted but remember to specify the 
intended use to whomever you buy it from.
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