[Gllug] Creating Maildirs

Anthony Newman anthony.newman at ossified.net
Tue May 15 12:17:00 UTC 2007

john gennard wrote:
> I need maildirs for an inbox, gllug, debian-user, Tom,
> Dick and Harry etc, so I created a maildir in Mail and
> then a maildir folder 'inbox' within that to see what
> happens. getmail retrieves OK, logs to /.getmail/log,
> but puts the mail into ~/Mail/Maildir/cur and mutt says
> there are no mail boxes. I just can't get the problem
> clear in my head. If I use mboxes, it's simple - mutt
> just filters mail for reading into inbox, gllug,
> debian-user and so on. How can I create a 'tree' of
> maildirs to do this simple job? After I solved the problem
> before, for years I just saw getmail pull the mail and mutt
> present me with it neatly divided into folders.

Sub-folders within a maildir are dot-delimited rather than nested, so
your directory structure will look something like:



For sub-sub folders:


which will give you a folder "lists" with a subfolder "gllug", both of
which can store mail. Inbox is a special case meaning the root maildir
and its cur, new and tmp directories.

To be honest, I've never had to do this though, as the program which
delivers mail to the maildirs (in your case getmail, which I must admit
I've never used) will generally create the directory structure

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