[Gllug] mythtv openSUSE dvb-t cards

Simon Perry gllug at si-designs.co.uk
Wed May 23 09:16:23 UTC 2007

michael norman wrote:
> On Sunday 20 May 2007 23:43:42 Ken Smith wrote:
>> Hi Mike,
>> What kernel is the SUSE system running? I've got 2.6.20-1 on an FC6 box
>> and it recognised two Hauppauge Nova-T's and, after loading the ivtv
>> driver, a PVR-350 without problems. I'm still finalising setting it up
>> with MythTV. It depends if SUSE have kept the kernel's standard DVB-T
>> driver in their kernel release. My system has 2 x Nova-T and a PVR-350.
>> What does lspci say? Mine, among other things, includes...

Hi Mike,

I had similar problems with Kubuntu Fiesty. Tracked it down to the
kernel version loading some but *not all* of the cx88 drivers
automatically. modrpobing the missing ones got the card working.


 The current kernel, 2.6.20, does not automatically load the cx88-dvb
driver when a program like mplayer requests to use it. This problem will
most likely be fixed in kernel 2.6.21, but in the mean time, you will
either need to load it using:

Also not all Nova-T cards have the same combination of hardware even
though they ship as the same model number. Some may require firmware to
run. See


Best of luck.

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