[Gllug] css upgrade - the holy grail

Progga progga at BengaLinux.Org
Mon May 28 13:01:37 UTC 2007

On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 12:31:33PM +0100, Jason Clifford wrote:

> It's just a matter of selecting tools best suited to your needs.
If I want to capture audio, then Flash is the only tool as JVM is absent in most
people's machine.

> The issue of whether the tools you select are Free Software or Open Source 
> or not is a political one. Personally I believe it is an important 
> political one but it is one that should come after the primary 
> consideration of whether that tool even meets your requirement to 
> communicate effectively.

The problem starts when I want to programme for Flash player 8+
find that that'll throw all the BSD users out of the game
being a long time BSD user myself, whether I'll be able to forgive myself later :-(

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